Spray Foam

With spray foam insulation, one application can do it all. The space is sealed airtight; R-Values are installed at a high rating; and structural strength is provided wherever the product is installed.

As it is, spray foam insulation is a premium-priced product, but overall, the project investment is worthwhile. The significant energy savings (winter and summer) will often be enough to create a cost effective “payback” period, giving the project a very favourable cost-benefit outcome. Indeed, spray foam insulation doesn’t require replacement or replenishment, like many other products. For every project, Our Value recommends the product and installation that will deliver optimum performance. Installers are committed to superior workmanship, and every install is at the highest standard.

Retrofit Drill and Fill

Retrofit drill and fill is a viable insulating option for many homes that may not have any insulation in the walls. The drill-and-fill process is an innovative and effective installation where existing walls (interior or exterior) require insulation upgrading.

Simply put, small holes are strategically drilled into the wall, between the wall studs. Loose fill insulation (often comprised of cellulose) is then carefully blown into the empty wall cavities. On completion, the holes are patched and the wall finished. A drill and fill method is the ideal solution for the homeowner with walls that are noticeably cold to the touch.

Batt & Poly

Fibreglass Batts are the most affordable insulation solution. They are also the most common form of insulation made from extremely fine fibres of glass woven together into thick pads. These pads are called 'batts' and are typically 16" or 24" so as to fit into standard sized cavities.

Fibreglass batts are made from sand and recycled glass, so they are naturally non-combustible. They do not absorb or hold water. Further, batts are sound absorbent material and act to reduce noise pollution. Batts can be installed in open areas or cavities that require insulating.

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